My name is Agata. I'm originally from Poland, but since 2001 my home is on this side of the Atlantic Ocean.


My Mom is a wonderful cook and baker, so I grew up enjoying ​and admiring her creations. Soon, I discovered that a love for baking runs in my blood as well​​​.


I am a born artist with wild imagination searching to express myself in painting, drawing, and sculpting so naturally enough one day I married both of my passions - baking and art. Effect? It's a unique compilation of pure enjoyment for your eyes as well as your taste buds. Simply: edible art.


I wouldn't be myself if I didn't add some twists here or there.  So this is why - except classic flavors - I offer some unusual ones, like chocolate-jalapeño with lime buttercream, ginger with rose frosting or Japanese green tea (matcha) with jasmine buttercream. The last one won second place in WTOP's cupcake contest in April 2013. ​


Why did we choose the name BECAUSE...? It's simple: there is always a good reason to have a cake; a cause that needs a "thank you", an "I'm sorry" or an "I love you"... It could be birthday or wedding, baby shower or graduation​; or it could be just because you feel like something sweet today. Whatever is your reason to have a cake, cupcake or cookie BECAUSE will help...


So please, let us put a smile on your face and fork in your hand. Let's bake together - we'll do the work and you do the enjoying-every-bite part!


Phone 1.240.644.7600


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