Check out our cakes, cupcakes and other goodies, and choose something for yourself.
If you need gluten free, keto, diabetic friendly or vegan cake, don't get discouraged. We can do it all!

We offer great variety of cake sizes from individual (4 in.) to 14 in, from round to sheet cakes and anythig in between. Our speciality however are novelty cakes that include a broad range of cake styles (i.e. tiered, themed, sculpted, gravity defying, etc.) each of which has an element of being different then the more standard/regular cakes.


We also offer a wide range of cake and frosting flavors, which include:

vanilla, chocolate (from white to dark), red velvet, citrus (from lemon to grapefruit), berry (from blackberry to strawberry), peach, pineapple, maple, nut (from almond to hazelnut), champagne, caramel, spice and any other flavor requested by the client.


We are most famous however for our unusual flavor combinations, such as: champagne-strawberry & rose (our wedding go-to), lemon-lemon curd-elder flower (our recration of royal wedding cake), lime-bluberries-green tea (matcha), pineaple-coconut-taro, sesame-lichi-m]green tea (matcha), maple-bacon, chocolate-bacon.




Elegant, classic or modern wedding cake?

Surprize funny grooms cake? 

Smaller cake accompanied by scrumptious cupcakes?

Check, check, and check.


See our Wedding Cake gallery to check out some of our cakes, view our Wedding Cake Menu for the pricing details and schedule tasting with your Loved One and a couple of guests here.



Here imagination can really go wild!


If you need a funny birthday cake in a shape of an airplane, a racecar or a dog, you just found your "go-to" place, as we can do it all! We love to have fun baking and we guarantee that you will have fun admiring and eating our lucious creations.




Small is beautiful - they say and certainly it is true about our cupcakes. We offer the same great quality and taste of our cakes in a smaller body of our cupcakes.



Although we are most famous for our cakes and cupcakes we also offer other baked goods: pies, cookies, cheesecakes, pastries and traditional Polish desserts. They are as delicious and inventive as our other products.


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