Woodland Baby Shower Cake

It was a great joy for me to work on this cake - great joy and big challenge with quite a few frustrations.I am still pretty new to the world of cake decorating, so there is plenty I need to learn. This time I decided to learn how to work with Rice Krispy treats and with leaves of edible gold.Rice Krispy turned out to be really great medium for sculpting - very easy to make and handle (and tasty to snack on ;) ). I used it for a big toadstool and a tree branch.Edible gold leaf was used for little fairy's wings and - believe me – this experience was totally opposite to the previous one. Golden leaf was sticking to absolutely EVERYTHING it barely touched. To everything except where it was designed to stick, of course! Finally I covered the fondant wings with a little bit of butter and it helped. Golden layer was still far from perfect, but it was still better than before.I used help of my most favorite tool with making this cake: the internet. Thanks to experience of many cake decorators before me I could find quick solutions to: making edible moss, making little mushrooms, and fast way to produce big amount of autumn leaves.

Thank you Ladies! :)

And here are few more pictures with more details of this Woodland beauty :) (yes, after all I'm pretty proud of myself :P )

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